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NeatSeeker 1.0 is out and is aiming to please! The documentation contains easy quickstart instructions on how to add search capability to your servlet container. Also, a public mailing list has been set up.


NeatSeeker is a collection of Java classes for building search engines. It also offers reference implementations of an HTML indexer and a Servlet API 2.2 compliant Java servlet that can be used for indexing and searching web sites. NeatSeeker is in fairly early stages of development, but the reference implementation should be useful also to the general public.

NeatSeeker is published under an Apache-style license. You must read and approve the conditions presented in the license before using the software. You are free to distribute NeatSeeker to the extent permitted by the license, and you are most welcome to participate in the development effort.

The purpose of the NeatSeeker project is to develop a simple, all-purpose indexing and searching framework that can be used in a CGI environment, with Java servlets and from the command line.

See also NeatSeeker SourceForge project page .


  • NeatSeeker is a pure Java implementation of a full-text search engine.
  • Suitable for standalone operation -- does not require a database backend.
  • Supports boolean operators AND (implicit default), OR and NOT, as well as phrase searches.
  • Fast, particularly in a servlet environment.

For the visually inclined, the following screenshots are provided:

NeatSeeker search page NeatSeeker search results
Search page Search results

downloads and status

To download NeatSeeker or to read news about the current status of development, refer to NeatSeeker SourceForge project page . You can also browse the CVS repository .


NeatSeeker requires the following software to be installed:


The following documentation is provided:


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