Class WeighterFactory


public class WeighterFactory
extends java.lang.Object

A Factory that churns out Weighters.

The static method getWeighter is used for requesting a suitable Weighter from the factory.

Based on the Configuration object and its neatseeker.ir.weighter property, the factory determines the type of Weighter it should create.

The default configuration file etc/NeatSeeker.properties shows how to configure different Weighters for the factory.

$Id: WeighterFactory.java,v 1.1 2000/09/25 20:22:14 lempinen Exp $

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Weighter getWeighter(Configuration conf, Repository repository, Statistics statistics)
          Creates and initialises a Weighter based on the Configuration object.
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Constructor Detail


public WeighterFactory()
Method Detail


public static Weighter getWeighter(Configuration conf,
                                   Repository repository,
                                   Statistics statistics)
Creates and initialises a Weighter based on the Configuration object.

The method also requires Repository and Statistics objects for initialising the weighter.